Angela Adam is an graduate of the Robert-Schumann college of music in Düsseldorf, Germany where she completed her musical studies in flute and piccolo in 2012.

Her studies were followed by an perennially full-time employment in an professional orchestra.

Angela has presented numerous flute workshops and orchestral weekends and frequently conducts sectional rehearsals.

She remains in demand as a private flute teacher since almost 20 years, where she teaches flutist from beginners to students which are preparing for the entrance examination at music colleges.
She works on a regular basis as a replacement for different orchestras and ensembles.
She founded her own flute quartet (Flötastisch) in 2018 and is since 2019 a member of  the first professional flute ensemble in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany – Ensemble Flautosphäre.


Masterclasses and advanced trainings with: André Sebald, Evelin Degen, Michael Kofler, Dirko Juchem (beatboxing for flute and improvisation), Toni Scholl und Stefan Grefig (conduction/sectionals).